About Us

Hydro-Shield is a skeg mounted hydro-foil for inboard and inboard/outboard motors designed to improve the performance of boats while providing unsurpassed protection from propeller damage due to underwater impacts. Its shape reduces line entanglements from crab and lobster pots, and fishing lines. Its mounting hardware reinforces skegs, with many boaters using the Hydro-Shield as a skeg replacement for damaged skegs.

The hydrofoil design provides lift to the back of a boat. This allows a boat to plane off quicker and with less power, improve fuel efficiency, reduce bow rise & porpoising, and enable operation in shallower water. Its winglet shape forces water straight back from the prop enhancing thrust and turning performance.

With its propeller-shielding design, Hydro-Shield also protects marine mammals from death and injury due to prop strikes, and shields the destruction of marine grasses from a boat’s propeller.

Made from a thermoplastic compound, the Hydro-Shield absorbs impacts by deflecting without transferring 100% of the energy to the skeg, and not breaking upon impact. 

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Dale MacDonald