4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Boat Fuel Consumption

4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Boat Fuel Consumption

Enjoying time on the water can get expensive if your boat fuel consumption is out of control. Your boat could be burning extra fuel for many reasons, so it’s critical to know what to do if you start experiencing poor fuel economy while you are out on the waves.

Here are four simple ways you can improve fuel efficiency and take some pressure off your wallet.

Reduce Excessive Air Drag

Life can be a drag when you’ve got too much air resistance on the water! When you head out for a cruise, it’s best to make your boat as streamlined as possible to prevent excessive wind resistance.

If you want better boat fuel consumption, remove your cockpit cover or similarly bulky attachments.

Maintain a Clean, Undamaged Prop

Make sure that your propeller is in good condition before opening up the throttle. Not only should your prop be clean—it should also be free of damage.


When your propeller has dings or chunks taken out of it, it is less able to push water, which can drastically affect your boat fuel consumption.

Your fuel efficiency isn’t the only thing a damaged propeller can affect, either. If you spend too much time boating on a damaged propeller, you could seriously hurt your engine.

What would you rather pay? Five-hundred dollars for a new propeller or thousands to fix your motor?

Want to protect your propeller? See how a Hyrdro-Shield can guard it in the water.

Keep Your Hull Clean

When your boat sits in water for a long time, plant material and scum tend to build up on the hull. This build-up can be detrimental to your boat’s performance—including fuel efficiency—if you let it go for too long.

Be sure to clean your hull regularly. If you can paint it, try using an antifouling paint to prevent future accumulation.

Keep Your Trim “Just Right”

The harder your motor has to work, the more money you will end up spending on fuel. Perhaps the simplest way to reduce your boat fuel consumption is to get up on plane as fast as possible so that you can trim your boat properly.

When your trim is not set to put your boat as level in the water as possible, you are wasting fuel because you are pushing against the water instead of gliding across the top of it.

Keep an eye on your trim angle. If you find that you are having to adjust it too excessively, you might want to consider adding a hydrofoil.

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Improving Your Boat Fuel Consumption Could Be a Simple Fix

Are you tired of spending more money on fuel than you need to? Hydro-Shield could be the solution to your gas-guzzling problem!

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