About Us

Hydro-Shield is a skeg mounted hydro-foil for outboard and inboard/outboard motors that improves a boats performance while providing unsurpassed propeller protection from underwater impacts.

The hydrofoil design provides lift to the back of a boat, enabling a boat to get on plane faster and with less power. Reduced bow rise and porpoising is attained, as is improved fuel efficiency and turning performance.

The Hydro-Shield also protects the propeller from damage due to underwater impacts at low and moderate speeds, reducing costly repairs to the propeller and gears.

And because the propeller is shielded from underwater obstacles, it also shields marine mammals such as manatees and sea turtles from death and injury due to propeller strikes, and reduces the destruction of marine grasses from a boats propeller.

Made from a thermoplastic compound, the Hydro-Shield absorbs impacts by deflecting without transferring 100% of the energy to the skeg, and its 316ths marine grade bracket system provides added protection to the skeg.