• “The new Hydro-Shield is a prop guard and hydrofoil fin that fits on the bottom of an outboard’s skeg instead of its cavitation plate, as most other makes do. As far as durability, it will provide some protection for the lower unit in the event of a debris strike.

    One unique aspect of this fin that should boost its appeal in Florida is the claim that it can help reduce prop injuries to manatees. Otherwise, it helps a boat plane faster at lower speeds and can actually improve top-end performance. It’s easy to install and is made right here in the Sunshine State.”

    Florida Sportsman

  • “Even though I know about most of the local oyster and sand bars hidden just underneath the water’s surface, I still slip on one every once in awhile with my boat. Recently, Bill McEwen told me about a device called Hydro-Shield that he put on his outboard to protect his propeller. Bill said he really liked it, so about a month ago I got one of my own. It has worked very well. I hit a sunken log last week over the St. John’s River. Even though my boat gave it a good lick, the collision didn’t cause any damage to my prop.

    The Hydro-Shield also gets a boat up on a plane faster. On my flat bottom skiff, the device improves steering and reduces porpoising.”

    The Daily Journal

  • “The Hydro-Shield improved fuel efficiency and allowed for better boat control in varied water conditions. It also allowed the boat to stay on plane at much slower speeds.”

    Thomas Tinsley

  • “A revolutionary new planing hydrofoil for outboard engines. The Hydro-Shield provides the lift of a hydrofoil and at the same time shields the motor from contact with the bottom. The Hydro-Shield’s shape forces water straight back from the propeller, providing lift and controlling prop torque for improved steering. The extra lift also means less drag, improved fuel economy, and quick planing with less power. As an added bonus, Hydro-Shield’s unique placement on the bottom of the skeg keeps your prop off the bottom. This protects your gears’ bearings and prop, while preventing damage to fragile grass beds.

    Made from a pliable plastic, Hydro-Shield flames on impact and will not break with repeated contact. A stainless mounting bracket also protects the skeg from sandbar wear-down and ramp damage."

    Sport Fishing

  • “The Hydro-Shield is being brought back to the marketplace by one of our past customers. He was so impressed with its ability to improve a small boat’s performance that he invested in the product. The Hydro-Shield has been improved by creating an injection-molded unit for added stiffness--but not rigid--and tested to refine its already great configuration.

    In the absence of Hydro-Shield, we have been hard-pressed to find another that works well. Yes, we found good fins that would do very well getting our boats on plane faster and easier, but nothing works all the time or takes a corner like the Hydro-Shield.”

    Nik Stark - 2017 Marine Engineer Naval Architect Annapolis Inflatables, Annapolis MD

  • “I grew up in the Florida Keys and I’ve seen almost every possible boat product down the pike, but I’ve found disappointment with most of their claims about performance. But that all changed when I tried the Hydro-Shield. Not only did it give my boat better performance, but I could also protect the prop and environment at the same time. Finally a product that delivered more than just promises!

    It went above and beyond anything I imagined. If you don’t have a Hydro Shield, you’re doing your boat and yourself and injustice. I have over 43 years of light skiff experience and I won’t run my boat without Hydro-Shield!”

    Capt. Joe Hitchcock - 2017 Backcountry Extreme Charters, Orlando FL

  • “About this time last year, I mentioned the Hydro-Shield in one of my columns. Well, I’ve had one on my motor for just about a year now and really feel it’s a handy device.  I think I’ve put everything possible with this thing on the bottom of my motor. Fishing our bays and backwaters, I’ve run over oyster bars, sand bars, grass glass, you name it. Despite all this, my stainless steel prop has rust spots on it because it has never touched bottom.

    Even when I hit an abandoned crab trap, the Hydro-Shield kept it from getting wrapped up in my prop. You know, I think this shield also protects manatees. If you accidentally hit one, I don’t think the shield would allow the prop to touch it.”

    D.K Smith

  • "Mate I fitted this a week or so ago and as you can see by the runs on Duralac I couldn't wait for it dry properly before giving it a go. You will recall that I already had a SE Sport 300 on this Yamaha 70. The SE did help but the rig still really needed 20Hp more.
    The addition of the Hydro-Shield has transformed the Southwind UB520. We where able to push up onto the plane with 5 POB and this would never have happened before even with only 4 POB. Not only that but the trim authority is much more pronounced.
    It has been a real transformer for this rig and quite frankly has saved me needing to trade the Yamaha 70 in on a 90Hp. It honestly has made a big difference."

    Rhys Richards - 2018 - Chinderah NSW Australia