Large Size Fin: 100+ HP, Boats Greater Than 18'

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Product Description

Guaranteed improvement in overall performance and handling

  • For boats 18 feet and greater, and outboards 100hp - 425 hp as well as Inboard/Outboard's (Stern Drives)
  • Get on plane faster
  • Plane at lower speeds and RPM settings
  • Improves performance, fuel economy and overall handling
  • Shields the propeller from damage due to underwater impacts
  • Reduces costly repairs to the propeller and lower unit gearing
  • Absorbs impacts 
  • Controls cavitation and porpoising
  • Fits on outboards and sterndrives
  • Simple Installation
  • Made from an energy absorbing compounded glass filled thermoplastic

Hydro Shield will get your boat on plane faster, allowing you to remain on plane at lower speeds and rpm's. It also improves handling and lowers your fuel burn at low and cruising RPM settings. Hydro-Shield will also protect your propeller from damage due to underwater impacts, and its 316th's marine grade stainless steel bracket system acts as a skeg guard, strengthening and reinforcing the skeg.

Made from an energy-absorbing plastic compound, Hydro Shield can withstand impacts, natural or man-made. Even if your boat strikes natural hazards like rocks, coral, oyster beds, or sandbars, or man-made hazards like lobster and crab pots, Hydro Shield maintains its integrity and protects your prop and skeg.

Hydro Shield is even easy to instal as the installation generally takes around 25 minutes for someone who has not installed one before, If you have any questions, please call or text us at (302) 650-4326.

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