Standard Size Fin: 5 - 100 HP, Boats Up to 18'

Please Select Your Boat's Engine HP and Manufacturer to Determine the Bracket Angle.

Product Description

Guaranteed improvement in overall performance and handling

  • For boats up to 18’
  • Made from energy absorbing plastic
  • Simple installation
  • Improves performance and handling
  • Prevents costly repairs
  • Mounted on the skeg below the prop
  • Absorbs impact
  • Fits on outboards and inboard/outboards
  • Controls cavitation and porpoising
  • Planes faster and reduces drag
Hydro Shield was designed to fit below your prop and skeg to help your boat plane faster, reduce drag, and avoid costly damage from shallow water debris.

Made from an energy-absorbing plastic compound, Hydro Shield can withstand any impact, natural or man-made. Even if your boat strikes natural hazards like sandbars, oyster beds, or rocks, or man-made hazards like lobster and crab pots, Hydro Shield maintains its integrity and protects your prop and skeg.

Hydro Shield is even easy to install. Installation is a two-step process that only requires four bolts and lock nuts. It can be completed in minutes, without messy glue or professional-grade welding.

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