Does My Boat Need Outboard Engine Hydrofoil Fins? Only If You Want a Better Experience

Does My Boat Need Outboard Engine Hydrofoil Fins? Only If You Want a Better Experience

Are you wondering whether you need to install outboard engine hydrofoil fins on your vessel? If you want to improve your boating experience, you should seriously consider it. Here’s why.

As a boater, you know that every little bit of drag you can reduce on your boat helps. Boats that sit heavy in the water have a harder time taking off and accelerating, among other problems. At Hydro-Shield, our whole purpose is to give as many people as possible a good boating experience.

Adding a Hydro-Shield hydrofoil to your vessel can help with:

  1. Better fuel consumption

  2. Better performance

  3. Better handling

  4. Better protection

Here’s how our skeg-mounted hydrofoils give our customers a great experience in each of these areas.

Better Fuel Consumption

Fuel is expensive. When your boat is subject to excessive drag, it uses more fuel. A hydrofoil from Hydro-Shield help reduce drag on your boat by creating lift. When your boat lifts out of the water and gets up on plane easier, you can reduce your fuel consumption significantly.

Better Performance

With less drag slowing your boat down, your motor can expend its power where it is more effective for improving performance. Installing a hydrofoil allows your boat to get up out of the hole faster and accelerate more efficiently when up on plane. Even at low speeds, you can benefit from better performance because the hydrofoil keeps you up on plane.

Better Handling

When your boat has an easier time accelerating and decelerating without sacrificing performance, you will notice that your boat’s handling is much better with a hydrofoil installed. Your engine will be more responsive and you will be able to turn with ease thanks to the lift and reduced drag that your Hydro-Shield hydrofoil gives you.

Better Protection

Installing a Hydro-Shield hydrofoil protects your boat in a few different ways. First, when you decrease the drag that your boat experiences, that means you are also decreasing the amount of power your motor must exert to get you where you are going. When your motor has to exert less power, the various parts of your motor are going to last longer before they wear out.

Second, a Hydro-Shield acts not only as a hydrofoil but also as a propeller guard. Propeller damage can lead to repairs that cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, not to mention what it will cost to tow you back to the dock.

Find the Outboard Engine Hydrofoil Fins That Are Right for You!

Are you curious about how we can help you achieve a better ride? We are here to answer any questions that you might have about Hydro-Shield.

Ready to give yourself the boating experience you have been craving for so long? Adding a hydrofoil to your boat is as easy as 1-2-3 with Hydro-Shield! Find yours online or search for a dealer near you.

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