Does My Boat Need an Outboard Hydrofoil? 4 Performance Benefits of Hydro-Shield

Does My Boat Need an Outboard Hydrofoil? 4 Performance Benefits of Hydro-Shield

Is your boat slow to get up on plane? Does it fall off plane at low speeds or in rough conditions? Do you want to prevent damage to your propeller? Installing a skeg-mounted outboard or inboard/outboard hydrofoil from Hydro-Shield could improve your boat’s performance for a better experience on the water. Here are a few things you should know.

As an avid boater who notices even the slightest bit of inefficiency in your vessel, you have probably been there—your boat takes just a little too long to get up on plane. Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your boat tends to fall off plane when you know it should be able to maintain staying on plane.

The problem could be weight distribution on board, or it could be something else. Regardless of the cause, you would see improved planing and handling performance with a Hydro-Shield.

Here are some of the benefits our products offer. But first, what is planning?

What Is Planing?

When your boat is at rest, the entire weight of the vessel is supported by its buoyant force. If you open the throttle so that you are moving at a slow speed, the hull displaces the water surrounding it and hydrodynamic lift increases, but the buoyant force is still the primary source of support on the water.

As you continue to increase your speed, at a certain point, hydrodynamic lift becomes the main supporting force on your hull instead of the buoyant force. As you begin to plane, your hull lifts out of the water, thus reducing the drag on your craft.

To initiate planing, the power-to-weight ratio needs to be high. In other words, your engine needs to work extra hard to reach the point at which planing occurs. Any assistance that your engine receives to increase hydrodynamic lift can help you get up on plane quicker.

That’s where a Hydro-Shield hydrofoil comes in.

Get up on Plane Quicker

The faster your boat can get up on plane, the better forward visibility and fuel economy you will have. In general, slow-to-plane boats experience poor forward visibility, sub-optimized handling, and low fuel economy.

With a Hydro-Shield outboard or inboard/outboard hydrofoil, your boat will be faster out of the hole, and that could save your wallet from needless fuel expense.

Stay on Plane at Low Speeds

When your boat slows down, falling off of plane is inevitable. However, with the right equipment on your engine, you can remain on plane at lower speeds than normal. Imagine not having to get back up on plane every time you slow down. You will be able to stay on plane without opening up the throttle all the way, making your boat a more versatile and fuel-efficient vessel.

Our hydrofoils also act as a sort of shock absorber on the stern too, so that instead of slamming your hull into rough waves, you can glide over them effortlessly.

More Responsive Helm Control

Boating is less enjoyable if you are constantly fighting to control your watercraft. What if you could have better turning ability? What if you could have more responsive helm control, in general?

Fitting an outboard or inboard/outboard hydrofoil on your motor could help you achieve crisper steering and more power over what your boat does.

Fuel Savings from Less Drag

If you are out on the water often, you know how expensive fuel can be. Another advantage of fitting a Hydro-Shield hydrofoil to your boat is the fuel savings you will enjoy in low and mid-range RPM settings. On boats that we have tracked performance data for our products, we have found that customers save upwards of 8% on fuel.

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